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Aldactone - General information

Aldactone has been recently represented on the pharmaceutical market. Most advanced antibiotics include different medical herbs which are not able to neutralize the severe edema. Aldactone includes the medical components created in the laboratory conditions only. The main active component of the drug is Spironolactone due to which the expressed diuretic effect happens.

Aldactone favors the excretion of the excessive fluid from the body but at the same time there is no influence on the excretion of potassium from the body. Therefore, unlike other diuretics, the use of Aldactone does not need the additional consumption of potassium.

The pharmacological action of Aldactone is started after the first usage of the drug but the expressed diuretic effect is observed only on the 2-4th day of the treatment. As a result of the excretion of the excessive liquid from the body the hypotensive effect is observed which is not regular and depends on the frequency of Aldactone use and drug dosage.

The use of Aldactone has been approved by WHO and FDA, and that is why it is successfully used all over the world. But all diuretics have contraindications and side effects, and therefore before you buy Aldactone it is necessary to study the instruction for the use.

Aldactone online

Directions for the use Aldactone

Aldactone is prescribed for the treatment of edema in case of the insufficient formation of urine by the kidneys, renal failure, significant reduction of the sodium in the body, high arterial pressure, and heart failure, acne treatment. Aldactone for acne.

Aldactone may be bought by the patients of the special group: pregnant women, senior people, but this group of people should lower the daily dosage of the drug.

Aldactone: Dosage details

Adults patients with no contraindications for the use of Aldactone are prescribed 300 mg of Aldactone a day.
The daily dose should be divided into 2 equal parts and be taken 2 times a day (in the morning and evening). To gain the stable therapeutic effect it is necessary to take Aldactone 300 mg not less than 14 days.

After reaching the clinical effect, the everyday dose is gradually lowered up to 50 mg a day. The drug usage is terminated in case of the edema disappearance.

It is contraindicated to take Aldactone 300 mg more than 2 weeks because the useful vitamins and minerals are excreted with the excessive fluid from the body, so that the different pathologies may occur.

Children are also prescribed Aldactone for the edema treatment but in the dose of 3 mg per 1 kg of the body weight. The received daily dose is also divided into 2 equal parts (in the morning the evening usage).

Aldactone: Side effects

As most diuretic Aldactone have side effects. But unlike the analogs the tolerance of Aldactone is by several times higher, and therefore the frequency of the appearance of the side effects is low.

Using Aldactone the following side effects may happen: dyspepsia, diarrhea, headache, sleepiness, gynecomastia, low erection, and disorder of the menstrual cycle.

Interaction with other medical products

  • Aldactone lowers the effect of the anticoagulants in case of the simultaneous usage
  • If it is used with diuretics and hypotensive products, there is the increase of the therapeutic effect
  • Glucocorticosteroids enhance the diuretic and natriuretic effect of Aldactone
  • Salicylic acid and its derivatives, and also indomethacin lower the diuretic effect of Aldactone

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Brand names include: Spirotone / Spiractin / Osyrol / Spiroctan / Spirolon

Active ingredient: Spironolactone

Class: Aldosterone receptor antagonists / Potassium-sparing diuretics

Formulation Type : Pills 20mg , 25mg, 100mg

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Aldactone for acne treatment

When you are looking for methods of the acne treatment, a first thing you think of is cosmetological products. Some people are too busy buying expensive scrubs, facial wash, creams and other products that temporarily help. Other people spend hours at the cabinet of beauticians in order to neutralize the consequences of acne: blackheads, comedones, scars, and others. 
But this is useless, if a cause of acne is not eliminated with visible drawbacks. Most people are sure that acne is just a cosmetological problem which depends on hygiene and heredity. But it is not true. According to the statistics, about 40% of acne appears as a result of the various hormonal disorders.

As acne vulgaris usually appear in adolescence, when sex glands actively function, sex hormones play a significant role in the pathogenesis of acne. Acne may appear in women with a disorder of the menstrual cycle, hyperandrogenism, during the use of the anabolic steroids or drugs with high amount of the male sex hormones. 

A genetic predisposition to acne and congenital endocrine disease are also important. If your parents had acne at teenager or mature age, you may probably have the same problems with the skin. Oil glands are responsible for the production of sebum, and they function by means of the production of hormones: testosterone in men, and progesterone in women.

If any hormonal imbalance happens, a natural production of the hormones is affected, and so a failure occurs in the oil glands, and they start producing a lot of sebum. Sebum is accumulated in the upper layers of epidermis and gradually clogs up pores. It causes blackheads, inflammation and others symptoms of acne.

Yes, cosmetic products help to cope with acne but only if they contain substances cleaning the skin from sebum. But main cause of acne is kept. Antibiotics are also used to treat acne in order to reduce inflammation on the skin and prevent a development of bacteria. But this will not restore the work of the oil glands.

There are several effective drugs for acne on the pharmaceutical market that may regulate the production of sebum and cure of the severest forms of the disease. One of such drugs is Aldactone.

What is Aldactone? 

Aldactone is a trading name of the active ingredient Spironolactone. This ingredient has a diuretic effect and has been developed specially for the treatment of the arterial hypertension and edema syndrome. What have acne to do with that? And how this medicine may treat a cosmetic defect on the skin?

It has been recently found out that Aldactone in the dose of 100-200 mg per day provides an antiandrogenic action. It lowers an amount of the androgenic hormones, a secretion of sebum, and reduces a formation of acne. The medical studies have been confirmed by the tests of Aldactone on people, and then this medicine has been for sale for the treatment of acne.
It has been found out during the medical studies that Aldactone gives higher results in the treatment of acne in women. It lowers the level of testosterone, so that a balance of the male and female hormones is regulated in women, and the acne intensity is reduced. men should not block the production of testosterone, and therefore Aldactone is not prescribed to men.

Another interesting fact – Aldactone is prescribed for the treatment of acne only in women over 30 years old. This drug does not do for the treatment of acne in teenagers that is caused by other factors.
Even though Aldactone treats hormonal acne, the drug does not give a fast result. Unlike Accutane, the effect develops slowly. If using Accutane gives the results in 3-4 weeks, the active phase of Aldactone will be started in 4 weeks. A therapeutic effect will be noticed only in 3 months of the treatment. This difference is achieved because Aldactone influences on the level of hormones, and the hormonal changes happen slowly but they have a longer and a stable effect. Moreover, women regularly have a hormonal release due to the menstrual cycle, and this slows the treatment of acne. But if we tell about a choice: Aldactone or Accutane, we would prefer Aldactone.

Other products for the treatment of acne and peroral contraceptives may be used in combination with Aldactone. Birth control pills reduce the excessive level of androgens increasing the amount of globulin that binds unbound testosterone (ovarian and adrenal). Due to the inhibition of the secretion of gonadotropin, a formation of androgens is reduced.

How safe is Aldactone?

This medicine has become very popular in cosmetology and dermatology lately, but Aldactone has many contraindications. Women do not take Aldactone during:

  • High level of potassium
  • Low level of sodium
  • Severe renal failure
  • Diabetic nephropathy
  • Estrogen-dependent tumors

Aldactone is not used during pregnancy because this medicine may cause irreversible consequences for fetus. In general, Aldactone should be taken with due care as any other hormonal drug. For example, alcohol consumption (even in small amount) is prohibited during the treatment.

Moreover, it is proved that a long-term application of Aldactone in high doses (200 mg per day) may cause endocrine disorders. Therefore, it is very important to regularly take blood tests and check the work of the thyroid body.

Most doctors state that Aldactone maybe is not a perfect drug for the treatment of acne but it is safer than Accutane. It may be used for a long time, and the side effects happen seldom during the use in the therapeutic doses.

Of course, Aldactone should not be used as the first line in the therapy of acne but if non-hormonal drugs do not give the required effect, and stronger drugs are needed, you should pay attention to Aldactone. If you are a woman, of course. Men are not recommended to take this product.