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General information

Aldara is a trade name of the active component imiquimod. This drug is able to beat viral infections, although it is not an anti-viral drug.Buy Aldara Cream

The pharmacological action of Aldara consists in the stimulation of the immune system which produces special hormones destroying the viral cells. In the human body, Imiquimod acts as an anti-tumor agent stimulating the production of cytokines, in particular alpha interferon, and other factors of the tumor necrosis.

Due to this, Aldara effectively copes with condyloma and different benign warts on the skin which often appear because of the low immunity.

During the treatment of the pointed condyloma Aldara is the most effective drug because it is clinically proved that human papilloma virus lives in the human body for many years. The symptoms of this virus, i.e. different papilloma, condyloma, and other warts, are the consequence of the poor protective function of the body. Stimulating the immune system Aldara stops the process of the wart appearance and quickly destroys the current condyloma.

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Directions for the use

The experienced studies of Aldara have proved the efficiency of the application of the medicine to treat the pointed condyloma, warts on the body, and also molluscum.

Moreover, it is possible to buy Aldara for the treatment of keratosis, however, it is needed to consult a doctor before the application of the medicine during any diagnosis.

Aldara: Usage and dosage

Before you buy Aldara and begin applying cream to the affected areas of the skin the place which will be processed should be clean and dry. Then, open a pack with cream and apply as much cream as your skin absorbs. Cream is usually applied with a thin layer. Do not rub it.

Aldara may reach only condyloma. Reaching the healthy part of the skin the drug may cause the irritation and other local side effects.

The processed part of the skin should be carefully rinsed with water in 6 hours. It is contraindicated to keep cream in the skin more than 6 hours because it may cause severe burning and inflammatory/allergic reactions.
It happens because cream contains the active component imiquimod, and its overdose does not have a positive effect on the body.

In the period of the cream Aldara application it is needed to avoid or minimize the effect of the sunlight (including sunlamp) because there is a possibility of getting sunburns.

Aldara: Side effects

The side effects of Aldara are not rare because the patients often have the skin irritation in the application area, itching, pain, peeling, and edema because of the incorrect application. But these side effects pass right after the end of the cream application. In case of the appearance of these side effects it is needed to rinse cream with water as quick as possible and carefully wipe the place.

Interaction with other medical products

Aldara cream is almost does not absorbed via the skin, and its concentration in the blood is low, so that the probability of the medical interaction may be excluded. Great studies of the medical interaction of Aldara with other drugs has not been conducted, and therefore there are no contraindications for the use of Aldara during the use of any other drugs.

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Brand names include: imiquimod / Imiquad / Zyclara /

Active ingredient: Imiquimod

Class: Topical anti-infectives / Topical antineoplastics

Formulation Type :Sachets 250mg

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