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General information

Lasix is the most demanded diuretic on the pharmaceutical market the active component of which is Furosemide.
Lasix is approved by FDA as a diuretic product because its clinical safety has been proved as a result of the long-term medical studies. Buy Lasix OnlineThe high efficiency of the drug in the treatment of edema and almost complete absence of the contraindications allows to take Lasix without any limits. But before you buy Lasix it is recommended to read the instruction for the use and all pharmacological characteristics.

The chemical formula of furosemide enables to remove the excessive liquid from the body during the first use of the drug. Lasix helps the body to lower the fluid retention in the body and prevents the further disorder of the water balance.

Furosemide increases the excretion of sodium and chloride from the body which play a great role in the formation of edema.

Unlike most other diuretics Lasix may be used during the renal failure. The removal of edema will weaken the pressure of the liquid to the lymph tubes and venous vessels, and it will remove fatigue and overstrain.

Buy Lasix online

Directions for the use

Lasix is prescribed during the edema syndrome of the different origin: during pregnancy, metabolism disorder, and application of some medical drugs.

Also, using Lasix for the high arterial pressure a fast excretion of the liquid provides a hypotensive effects and regulates the arterial pressure.

Lasix : Usage and dosage

Before you buy Lasix it is needed to read the instruction for the use and select the individual dosage depending on the severity of the edema syndrome.

Lasix is recommended to be taken once a day in the morning, before breakfast. For severe edema, it is possible to increase the frequency of the pill application up to 2-3 times a day.

The treatment should be started from the minimal doses, and the dosage regimen is gradually adjusted depending on the diuretic effect.

  • For edema of weak and middle severity level patients are prescribed 1 pill of Lasix 40 mg a day
  • For weak diuretic effect the daily dose is increased by two time up to 80 mg and the drug is taken 2 times a day (the general daily dosage of Lasix 160 mg)
  • To lower the arterial pressure patients are prescribed 100 mg of Lasix every 8-10 hours depending on the efficiency of the hypotensive therapy

Lasix Side effects

The side effects of Lasix may be avoided if the dosage is properly selected and the drug is taken according to the instructions. If the patient develops the side effects and they become stronger in the process of the pill application, it is needed to lower the everyday dose.

The side effects of Lasix are diarrhea, nausea, loss of appetite, dizziness, spasms of calf muscles, weakness, atony, anorexia, dry mouth, thirst, and water depletion.

Interaction with other medical products

  • Furosemide enhances the toxic action of cephalosporin and aminoglycoside
  • Lasix increases the efficiency of theophylline
  • It lowers the efficiency of the hypoglycemic medical products
  • Furosemide increases the hypotensive action of the hypotensive medical products, neuromuscular blockade caused by depolarizing muscle relaxants

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Brand names include: Frusenex / Frusid / Frusol / Frudix / Furosedon

Active ingredient:Furosemide

Class: Loop diuretics

Formulation Type: Pills 100mg / 40mg / 20mg

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