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General information

Valtrex has antiviral properties as its active component valacyclovir is quickly turned into Acyclovir in the body under the influence of certain Valtrex Generic

Nowadays, it is the strongest antiviral drug which has a specific inhibiting activity as to viruses herpes simplex type 1 and 2, varicells zoster, cyto-megalo virus, and human herpes virus type 6.

Valtrex quickly penetrates into the infected cells and becomes a part of the viral DNA, and it leads to the complete break of the chain, termination of DNA synthesis, and consequently, blocking the virus replication.

Buy Valtrex online

The advantages of Valtrex in the treatment of herpes virus are:

  • A fast regression of affected area
  • Reduction of the intensity of the local inflammation
  • Reduction of the toxicosis symptoms
  • Prevention of the possible complications of herpes

Right after the beginning of Valtrex usage the increase of herpes symptoms is possible but the intensity of these symptoms is reduced within a day, and the main inflammatory process passes, itching and painful sensations are reduced.

The results of the studies in favor of Valtrex are enough, so that patients could take this medicine and consider it as the most effective product for herpes. Therefore, if you often have the herpes symptoms, the only solution is to buy Valtrex and have the preventive course.

Directions for the use

Oftentimes, doctors recommend to buy Valtrex for patients who have herpes not less than 2-3 times a year. Using the medicine, it is possible to reduce the probability of the appearance of herpes by 2 times.

Valtrex may be used not only for the treatment of herpes simplex but also for the treatment of the genital herpes, zoster, cyto-megalo virus, and also neurologic symptoms during various viral diseases.

Valtrex : Usage and dosage

The efficiency of Valtrex does not depend on meals, and therefore the drug may be used at any time with enough water.

In case of herpes zoster Valtrex is usually used in the dose of 1 g 3 times a day within a week.

The herpetic infection caused by viruses of herpes simples type 1 and 2 in acute period needs 7-day-treatment. One tablet of 500 mg of Valtrex is taken 2 times every day.

To prevent herpes it is possible to take Valtrex 500 mg once a day within 10 days.

For the prophylaxis of the genital herpes in the healthy sexual partner with normal immunity 500 mg of Valtrex once a day should be used. The everyday use of the drug takes one year or more during the regular sexual activity, and in case of the irregular contacts – the treatment is started 3 days before the sexual intercourse.

Children under 12 years old are contraindicated to take Valtrex.

Valtrex Side effects

The side effects of Valtrex often appear from the side of the central nervous system: headache, poor appetite, hallucination, excitement, and spasms.

Nausea, headache, and stomachache, and allergic reactions may also happen.

In case of the appearance of the side effects it is needed to consult a doctor and discuss the adjustment of the dosage regimen.

Interaction with other medical products

Valtrex should be used carefully in case of the simultaneous prescription with drugs which are excreted by kidneys and are able to cause the dysfunction of kidneys because it may lead to the increase of the concentration of both drug.

These drugs are able to change the concentration of Valtrex in the blood, these are immunodepressants, cyclosporine, and cimeditine.

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Brand names include: Valcivir / Zelitrex

Active ingredient: Vlacyclovir hydrochloride

Class: Purine nucleosides

Formulation Type: Pills 1000mg / 500mg

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